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SEO Software Worth Thousands

For A Fraction Of The Price!

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SEO Software Worth Thousands

For A Fraction Of The Price!



  • I’ve been with BHS for the past 2 years and the VPS packages they offer are top of the line. The best thing about BHSVPS is the community, and it’s a service that I’ll refer all of my close friends to.


    Web Developer/SEO Expert

  • BHS Solutions has provided my companies dev team multiple vps servers for over 3 years. They have always had a prompt response time to support tickets and they have handled all of my software installs quickly!


    BlackHatWorld Member

Do BHS Solutions SEO VPS Servers Suit You?

If you are wondering if BHS is the right choice for your SEO Software needs let me help you decide. Below are some of the things that I needed when first started using automated software to manage my SEO campaigns. After a month of research I found myself spinning in a sea of licenses cost, server costs and low end servers. I decided at that moment that something had to change. I could not understand how some of these software companies were charging so much for so little and decided to take matters into my own hands. BHS Solutions was created, providing a solution to all of the problems I had faced while searching for a server. If you would like to learn more about what we offer on our windows servers check out our pricing page.



Set myself to $100 a month software budget.

Ability to run the software while logged off my own PC.

Offshore SEO Safe Windows server datacenter.

Anonymous connection to protect my identity.

Processing power to complete my required campaigns.


How To Detect Cracked Software On Other VPS Servers!

SEnuke saves options and settings to a central server. If they do not save you do not have a genuine copy of SEnuke. Also try to download pre-created hotmails.Open GScraper and go download proxies from GScraper servers. If this function does not work you do not have a licensed copy. Money Robot saves all campaigns to their central servers. This means that any crack is rendered useless unless you have a subscription. GSA Search Engine Ranker is updated daily and is not cracked to the newest version. BHS Solutions passes all of the "cracked" software tests. We provide professional licenses for the top quality SEO software on the market. If you are looking for cracked solutions then you have come to the wrong place.